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Primary energy consumption and CO2 emissions

According to the EU Directive and standards related to the energy performance of buildings, the weighted energy rating represented by primary energy and CO2 emissions should be presented in the Energy Certificate; for current situation of the building and after implementing recommended energy efficiency improvement measures.

The energy use and delivered energy is calculated by the
ENSI EAB Software, and ENSI MS Excel tool will convert these results into primary energy and CO2 emission ratings.

User input is calculated delivered energy per energy carrier and primary energy factors and CO2 emission coefficients for each energy carrier. In the case of energy production inside the system boundary, this could be taken into account in the “Exported energy” section of the tool.


Main features:

  • According to EN 15 603:2008
  • Delivered and exported energy
  • “Universal”, input of any national primary energy and CO2 emission factors


  • Primary energy and CO2 emissions rating – total and divided to individual energy budget items for existing situation and after implementing energy efficiency improvement measures
  • Primary energy and CO2 emissions reduction

Delivered energy input


Energy production inside the system boundary to be included in the “Exported energy” section


Primary energy and CO2 emissions rating



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