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Building Database

Municipal energy consumption information system

Very few municipalities have a good and easily accessible central overview over their buildings and facilities. All information about municipally owned buildings and utilities exists, but not in a form or in a place that makes it easy to make overview reports and statistics for selecting the sites/properties with the largest potential for energy efficiency projects.
The availability of a database on energy consumption by municipalities is the most secure source of information on energy consumption, allowing a number of additional opportunities for analysis and evaluation.
A special database software has been developed as a tool for the Municipal Energy Efficiency Plan.


The database contains information on energy consumption by major sectors, individual sites, energy types, as well as data on energy costs and their share of the municipal budget.
The software is designed to cover municipal buildings and street lighting systems.
The software is adjustable to the individual municipal structure with possibility to group the properties in districts (regions), sectors (departments) and target groups (building types).
The information may be divided into two groups of data:

  • primary information about the site, which is relatively constant and provides data about the principal design and construction characteristics of the building, installed capacity and energy supply, etc.
  • secondary variable data related to the changing levels of energy consumption by fuel types, time periods, and technologies

The database contains key information about each building (technical and consumption data). The energy and water consumption data can be entered (updated) quarterly or on yearly basis.


The main use of the database is:

  • A total overview over the building stock
  • Keeping updated on building status
  • Keeping updated on energy consumption/cost
  • Making reports on status
  • Prioritizing – selecting buildings for energy efficiency projects


Built-in report generators produce table and graphic reports and give possibilities to export reports as MSExcel and MSWord files.


The software is programmed in Microsoft Access 2003.
The Software is prepared for easy translation into new languages.


More information about the Municipal Database can be found in the software User Guide.


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