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ENSI Energy Monitor

Energy Monitoring includes systematic routines for weekly registration and control of the energy consumption and operational conditions in buildings. By comparing the measured consumption with the calculated target each week, the personnel responsible for Operation and Maintenance can ensure optimal operation of the building's technical installations.


Weekly data are registered and calculations performed to compare measurements with targets. ENSI Energy Monitor is an excel tool that quickly does these calculations and comparisons. By including the actual tariffs, the tool is also calculating the weekly costs for energy and water. Furthermore, the tool provides accumulated consumption and costs. If you enter the monthly outdoor temperatures for a normal climatic year, the tool is “normalizing” the measured values enabling comparison with the budget for a normal climatic year.

Main features:

  • Quick and correct processing of measured data;
  • Registrations plotted in the ET-diagram and deviations calculated;
  • Presenting weekly and accumulated consumption and costs for energy, water and consumables.

Systematic and continuous Energy Monitoring is a profitable investment, ensuring:


Long term improved operation of the building's technical installations and reduced costs!


Please find below some examples from the ENSI Energy Monitor tool.

Establishment of the Energy Monitoring project in a building


Registration of weekly readings; average outdoor temperature, energy, water and other meters

Weekly results, total and accumulated energy and water consumption and costs


Weekly results in the ET-diagram and corresponding Deviations


Measured values “normalized” to a normal climatic year.


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