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Profitability Software

With the Profitability Software you can easily calculate the profitability of all your energy efficiency and renovation measures separately and in packages:

  • Payback
  • Pay-off
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Net Present Value
  • Net Present Value Quotient

Calculation method

The user can calculate the project in kWh per year; or in monetary terms – Euro, NOK, etc. 

Energy Tariffs

It is possible to assign energy sources with different tariffs to the measures. The saved project data can later be changed and the profitability calculations updated according to new energy tariffs or interest rates.


All measures entered to the software are listed and ranked according to their profitability, the measure with the highest Net Present Value Quotient being defined as the most profitable measure.


The software allows the user to include the measures into packages. The total profitability of each package is shown and ranked according to the Internal Rate of Return. The packages with the same study period can be compared.


The Software is prepared for easy translation into new languages.


Information about other useful functions of the Profitability Software can be found in the software User Guide.


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